Grounded, Even On The Go

Single-Serve Unsweetened Sticks

Grounded, Even On The Go

Bring the 100% Japanese matcha––superior quality––on the go in these single serve sticks. No matter where the day goes, stay grounded by taking your tea ritual with you.

Each box contains 15 single-serve finely milled Japanese matcha stick, no added sugar or any kind of sweetener.

Perfect for preparing both hot or cold matcha.

    • For cold matcha, add 1 packet to 16.9 fl oz. of cold water or milk. Shake vigorously till matcha powder is evenly distributed.
    • For hot matcha, add 1 packet to 6 to 8 fl oz. of hot water or milk, stir till evenly matcha powder is evenly distributed.

Matcha is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C with the natural, calming energy boost that comes from the theanine found naturally in green teas, without the jitteriness that can come from other caffeinated beverages like coffee.

Single-Serve Unsweetened Sticks
Fresh, Bright, Umami, Energizing
Grassy, Fresh
Velvety, Viscous, Smooth

How To Brew

  • spoon
    1-2 tsp. tea
  • kettle
    4 oz water
  • temperature-medium
    176° F
  • clock
    1-2 minutes