Dear Friends:

As CEO & President of ITO EN North America, I am forever cognizant of the importance of staying relevant, innovative with continued growth. It is our customers who keep us motivated and help us challenge ourselves every day. We are truly grateful for this support.

The demand for our healthy beverages continues to grow with new opportunities opening up every day Clean eating and drinking is on the forefront with new channels welcoming the replacement of sugary sodas with our unsweetened teas.  Matcha in particular is taking center stage for its naturally occurring catechin antioxidants. Putting our expertise to work, we have introduced convenient options from no-whisk matcha powders, latte mixes to refreshing ready-to-drink matcha LOVE teas.  We are proud that all of our products are made with natural ingredients without any artificial sweeteners or additives.

The popularity of our ITO EN Matcha Green Teabags, available globally, continues to grow for its convenient “Hot or Cold” brewing options in 7 delicious and distinct flavors. This year we have also expanded our Cold Brew bottled tea offerings across all of our brands- Oi Ocha, TEAS’ TEA and Matcha LOVE.

Educating our customers is an ongoing commitment for us. This year we have been invited to be a part of a United Nations event titled “Peace Is…..” where we will participate in a Tea Ceremony to signify Peace. Needless to say,we are honored for this special invitation and hope that ITO EN will always play a part in contributing to global harmony and the sustainability of our future generations.

This year we have joined forces with our industry colleagues to support the Global Tea Initiative this year spearheaded by U.C. Davis. An initiative for the study of Tea Culture and Science to explore the myriad ways that tea shapes people and places, and ensure the sustainability of tea that is the most widely consumed beverage next to water. We are excited about this project and its relation to the impact of health and environmental wellness in global communities.

On behalf of all of us at ITO EN, we thank you for your trust and support. Without our customers, we would not exist. We will always put our customers first, as it is what sustains us. We will continue to grow and cultivate a healthy tea culture while co-existing with nature. This is our ongoing mission.


Thank you again for your support.

Yosuke "J.O." Honjo

President & C.E.O. ‐ ITO EN(North America) INC.