Limited Edition
Barrel-Aged Hojicha Gift Set

For the person on your list who is always on-the-go (read: everyone!), our modern and convenient glass tumbler with built-in tea strainer allows you to enjoy the highest quality loose-leaf tea, no matter where you are. The strainer can be easily removed, so you can steep your tea to perfection, and the glass base is conveniently accented with a natural cork sleeve to protect hands from the tumbler’s hot or cold contents.

This set includes a sampler of one of the most exclusive blends, our limited edition Barrel-Aged Hojicha: Enjoying the complex flavors of carefully curated and crafted teas or whiskeys involves a refined nose and palate. ITO EN Barrel-Aged Hojicha elevates the experience to a higher level by infusing our Japanese roasted green tea with the rich flavors & aromas found in Kings County Distillery Peated Bourbon whiskey barrels. The result is a uniquely balanced, complex green tea that can be enjoyed by tea and whiskey connoisseurs alike.

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Taste & Aroma
Earthy, Slightly Toasted Toffee, Roasted Caramel, Whiskey
Buttery and Robust
Organic Green Tea

How To Brew

  • Tea Spoon
    4 tsp. tea
  • Tea Kettle
    8 oz water
  • High Temperature
    200° F
  • Time
    30 seconds

This tea requires high heat: use boiled water to brew.