Sakura Sencha

The Ephemeral Spring

Perennially sweet as it is iconic, Sakura, or cherry blossom in Japanese, has its petals dried then blended with premium Kagoshima sencha, for a cup that’s as much developed as it is delicate. The mellow liqueur is like a sip of spring.

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Refined, Umami, Floral
Grassy, Fresh
Delicate, Silky

How To Brew

  • Tea Spoon
    2 tsp. tea
  • Tea Kettle
    8 oz water
  • Medium Temperature
    180° F
  • Time
    30 seconds

This tea requires medium heat: pour boiled water into a cup (or cooling vessel) first to cool water before brewing.

Cherry Blossom Viewing

Enjoying a cup of green tea while viewing the Sakura Cherry Blossoms has long been a celebrated tradition in Japan. Known as hanami, the tradition first appeared during the Heian period (794-1185). Literally translating to "flower viewing", it usually involves admiring cherry blossom trees with family, friends and colleagues. Today, many take the opportunity to have a picnic or a "hanami party", sipping nature's finest tea leaf while admiring the pink blossoms that represent a time of renewal and the arrival of Spring.