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How To Brew

Green Tea Classic Brewing

Serves 2

Preparing tea is about the art of simplicity. By keeping a close eye on water temperature and time to brew you’re guaranteed a fuller flavor experience. Learn how to the brew the perfect cup.

You Will Need

  • Boiled Water. Enough for 2 cups. (Please see the brewing instructions of your tea for the ideal amount)
  • A kyusu teapot (or a similar small-sized tea pot)
  • A couple of tea cups
  • A Spoon
  • Green Tea of your choice


  1. Pour boiled water in cups, which will cool the water to the ideal temperature.

  2. Add two teaspoons of green tea to the teapot.

  3. Pour water from the cups to the teapot.

  4. Let tea steep for 30 seconds (Steep time may vary. See brewing instructions of your tea for ideal time).

  5. Alternate pouring between the cups to ensure both cups get the same strength.

  6. Make sure you pour every last drop. Enjoy!