Image of farmer's hands picking tea leaves.

for Nature

Green tea has been cherished by the Japanese for generations, and ITO EN believes it is a gift nature has given to us to share with others. These long-held growing traditions of the tea plant reflect a pattern that ITO EN continues to honor and uphold. So, at the root of our philosophy to preserve tea culture is our upmost respect for the earth. With it, we create stability for our tea farmers and maintain consistent standards of environmental protection. It means our teas always deliver good taste and unmatched health properties, from the ground up.

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Our tea steaming machine processing some green tea.

with Integrity

ITO EN’s goal has always been to refine the art of keeping every tea harvest in top condition, maintaining its health benefits and flavor integrity. We have been perfecting this process of innovation since our origins. First, with the Japan Family Service in 1964, and then in 1966 when we were known as the Frontier Tea Corporation. Back then, our tea was sold only at specialty stores. Yet by 1969, in response to its high demand, we pioneered new packaging methods––vacuum processing and double-packaging––so tea could be sold in smaller quantities at mainstream stores without compromising its quality. It’s a tradition we continue to evolve so you always enjoy a perfect cup.

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A bird's-eye view of our green tea fields.

to Preservation

With the Tea-Producing Region Development Project, ITO EN partners with the Japanese farming community to preserve the art and craft of tea harvesting. We think of it as part of our responsibility to the planet that starts in the fields of Japan. We’re committed to forging strong partnerships with our farmers so that we see our product from first bud to final cut. It’s a measure that nurtures local economies, promotes conscious agricultural work, and ensures the stable supply of green tea leaves for consumers everywhere to enjoy for generations to come.