Loose leaf green Teas

The Greenest Greens

A Collection of Vibrant,
Verdant, Fresh Teas

The five types of Japanese green teas—sencha, hojicha, genmai, gyokuro and shincha—are distinguished how they are harvested and the finishing method. Ggreen tea is un-oxidized so it stays bright, and remembered for its unique color, flavor and low caffeine content. It’s a symbol of freshness with a taste to match.

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Loose leaf herbal & blended teas

Flowery Herbals & Healthful Blends

An Assorted Bouquet
of Flavor

Did you know herbal tea isn’t actually tea at all? These are the soothing, fresh varieties that include everything from the classic peppermint and chamomile to the rich red liqueur of the hibiscus flower and more.

While most blends use black teas that are combined from a variety harvests (for a consistent taste) in popular cups like Earl Grey and English Breakfast—at ITO EN, even green tea is used as a base for our blends.

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