Dear Friends,

As a company that was established in Japan in 1966, this year has been a very symbolic year for us with Japan entering a new era—Reiwa, meaning “Beautiful Harmony”.

Harmony (Wa) happens to be one of the 4 guiding principles in Japanese Tea Ceremony, so it is quite meaningful for us. We hope to incorporate this in our business practices, along with the 3 other principles of Respect (Kei), Purity (Sei) and Jaku (Tranquility). This will also be integrated into our customer service, as our customers will always come first.

Another big milestone this year is that Oi Ocha, our flagship brand is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year and awarded the World Guinness Record for selling the most healthy unsweetened ready-to-drink green tea in the world. Our Oi Ocha is making in-roads around the world as the popularity of Japanese food and healthy beverages are in demand. We are proud that our tea expertise and deep-rooted committed to sustainability has allowed us to bring an authentic and quality product that makes a difference in our customer’s lives.

If you have not visited our newly designed website, we hope you will enjoy the easier navigation and tea education. Our specially curated teas now offer a wider selection of organic green teas from Japan. This has been in response to the growing consumer demand for organic and clean products. We are very proud to also announce that we have just been certified with a bio-dynamic certification for our Brooklyn based tea blending facility.

We continue to join forces with our industry colleagues to support the Global Tea Initiative spearheaded by U.C. Davis. An initiative for the study of Tea Culture and Science to explore the myriad ways that tea shapes people and places, the most widely consumed beverage next to water.

Thank you for your continued support.

Yosuke "J.O." Honjo
President & C.E.O.
ITO EN (North America) INC.