Savor the Everyday Artisans of Tea™

This go-to green is the one you’ll reach for the most. A bright, grassy color when brewed, its matcha offers a rich intensity, while the roasted rice balances the flavor for a cup that’s easy to sip anytime.

Green tea is rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, catechins, EGCGs and amino acids

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Herbaceous, Savory, Nutty
Nutty, Grassy
Smooth, Rich

How To Brew

  • Tea Spoon
    2 tsp. tea
  • Tea Kettle
    8 oz water
  • Medium Temperature
    180° F
  • Time
    30 seconds

This tea requires medium heat: pour boiled water into a cup (or cooling vessel) first to cool water before brewing.

Green Tea Classic Brewing

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How to Brew at the Right Temperature

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